Circumcision Clinic Amsterdam

You can go to our clinic in Amsterdam for circumcisions for medical reasons,
beliefs, cultural reasons and aesthetic reasons. In our clinic we help both children and adults. On this page you will find more information about Vatan Kliniek Amsterdam, our methods, our doctors and the costs.

Circumcisions without pain - without fear

At the Vatan Clinic in Amsterdam we offer circumcisions completely without pain and fear for children and adults. Our specialized doctors and medical specialists are available at 11 locations in the Netherlands to perform this medical procedure for you or your child. In addition to our location in Amsterdam, we also have locations in, among others The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam en Enschede. This makes us the largest circumcision clinic in the Netherlands.

Why circumcise

A circumcision can be performed for various reasons.
Religion or cultural reasons
In some religions or cultures, male circumcision is part of the religion or culture. Think of Muslims or Jews.
A circumcised penis is easier to keep clean and for this reason generally more hygienic than an uncircumcised penis.
Medical reasons
Some boys and men can get annoying ailments on their foreskin for which circumcision offers the solution. Read more about the medical reasons of circumcision.
Sexual reasons
For men with premature ejaculation or a too long foreskin that leads to an unpleasant sexual situation, circumcision can be a solution.
aesthetic reasons
In addition to hygienic reasons, some men (and women too) find a circumcised penis more beautiful to look at.

Circumcision Amsterdam: our procedure

A circumcision in our clinic in Amsterdam is performed exclusively by certified doctors trained in the Netherlands. This medical procedure will be performed according to the following procedure.

Circumcision Vatan Clinic

Circumcision procedure

01. Pain relief

The circumcisions are performed under absolute pain relief. This can be done through numbing injections or deep sedation.

02. Sterility and hygiene

Our clinic works according to strict quality standards. This means that we use a new set of sterile instruments for each operation, which is thrown away after use.

03. Circumcision

We use the classical method and the clamp method. Depending on the
patient, we choose the best method for the medical procedure.

04. Aftercare

Should complications arise after surgery, the patient can be discharged within 48 hours of surgery
operation to the doctor. After that, the patient can contact the central number 7 days a week.

Circumcisions at Vatan clinic

The Vatan Clinic is the largest and most pleasant circumcision clinic from The Netherlands. Our team of specialist doctors are exclusively trained in the Netherlands and have extensive experience with performing this medical procedure with more than 40.000 circumcisions.

Our clinic offers the possibility for parents to be present during your child's procedure. This often offers your child more confidence and peace of mind. Furthermore, there are no waiting times in our clinics and we perform circumcisions from €290. In the case of a medical indication, the costs are often reimbursed by the insurer.

Do you live in or near Amsterdam? Then our clinic at Bijlmerdreef 1169 is the best location for you or your child. Sign up using the button below.

VATAN specialized team

At VATAN Circumcision Clinic, doctors and medical specialists who specialize exclusively in circumcision work with extensive experience in performing circumcisions on boys and men.

drs. MS Genco

drs. LM Wolff van Ravenswade

drs. E. O. Akpinar