Circumcision Clinic Utrecht

At the Vatan Clinic in Utrecht you can be circumcised for medical, religious, cultural and aesthetic reasons. Both children and adult men can come to us. Here you can find out more about our circumcision clinic in Utrecht, our team of doctors, our working method and the costs.

Painless circumcisions - without fear

At Vatan Kliniek we are known for performing painless and fearless circumcisions for boys and adults. Thanks to our specialized methods and years of experience, we can deliver on this promise at each of our 11 locations in the Netherlands. This makes the surgical procedure as pleasant as possible for both children and adults. Our doctors can perform this procedure in, among others Amsterdam, Arnhem, Ede, Wageningen en Eindhoven. With so many circumcision clinics, we are one of the largest clinics in the Netherlands.

Why circumcision

There are several reasons to perform a circumcision.

Beliefs or cultural reasons
It is common for circumcision to be performed because of religion or culture. Think of Muslims and Jews.

Medical reasons
Some boys and men can get annoying foreskin problems. Circumcision can solve this problem. Read more about the here medical reasons for circumcision.

Some people have a circumcision done for hygienic reasons. A circumcised penis is often easier to keep clean and therefore more hygienic than an uncircumcised penis.

aesthetic reasons
It is also possible that the man and/or woman likes a circumcised penis better. This is therefore a good reason to opt for circumcision.

Sexual reasons
Circumcision can offer a solution for men with premature ejaculation or problems with an excessive foreskin.

Circumcisions in utrecht: our procedure

In our clinic in Utrecht, circumcisions are performed by our team of certified doctors. Our team of doctors are trained in the Netherlands and will proceed according to the following procedure to make the operation a success.

Circumcision Vatan Clinic

Our process

01. Pain relief

Circumcisions at Vatan are only performed with absolute pain relief. This can be done via an anesthetic injection or sleep sedation.

02. Sterility and hygiene

Sterility and hygiene is extremely important for performing surgery. We therefore always work according to the strictest hygiene guidelines and a new set of sterile instruments is used for each operation, which are disposed of after use.

03. Circumcision

In our clinics we use two types of method: the classic method and the clamp method. Depending on the patient, we choose the best approach for the medical procedure.

04. Aftercare

In case of complications after surgery, patients can consult the doctor within 48 hours after surgery. After that, patients can contact the center number 7 days a week.

Circumcision performed at Vatan Kliniek

Vatan clinic is one of the biggest and best circumcision clinics from The Netherlands. With multiple locations and our team of specialists, we have now performed more than 40.000 circumcisions.

In addition to our expertise and experience, we ensure that you and/or your child are reassured before the operation – without fear. Would you like to be with your child during the operation? Then that is of course possible. This will keep your child reassured and the procedure will be more pleasant for him. There are no waiting times at our clinics and a circumcision is possible from as little as €290. In the case of a medical indication, these costs are generally reimbursed by the insurer. In the case of a medical indication, these costs can often be reimbursed by the insurer.

Do you live in or near Utrecht? Then our clinic is finished 167 Zambesid Drive (Health Center Gagelhof) the best location for you or your child. Register using the form below.

VATAN specialized team

At VATAN Circumcision Clinic, doctors and medical specialists who specialize exclusively in circumcision work with extensive experience in performing circumcisions on boys and men.

drs. MS Genco

drs. LM Wolff van Ravenswade

drs. E. O. Akpinar