Circumcision Clinic Arnhem

Many people choose to have a circumcision at the Vatan Kliniek Arnhem, both for medical reasons and for religious, cultural and aesthetic reasons. On this page you can read more about our team of doctors and our circumcision clinic in Arnhem. You can also find out more about the costs of the procedure and our working method.

Vatan Clinic: Painless Circumcisions - Without Fear

With our 11 locations, Vatan Kliniek is one of the largest circumcision clinics in the Netherlands. In addition to Arnhem, we can also be found in, among others Amsterdam, Enschede, Ede, Wageningen, The Hague and more cities. All our clinics offer pain-free and fear-free circumcisions. Thanks to our sophisticated methods and experienced doctors, we can always live up to this core value.

Reasons for circumcision

There are several reasons why men or boys should be circumcised.

Medical reasons
There are legitimate medical reasons for circumcision; some boys and men have complications with their foreskin. These problems can be solved by a circumcision. Read more about medical reasons for circumcision.

Sexual reasons
When premature ejaculation or an excessive foreskin causes problems during sex, circumcision can offer a solution.

aesthetic reasons
A circumcised penis is considered more beautiful by some men (and also women). For this reason, men can choose to get circumcised.

Hygiene plays a role in male circumcision. For example, circumcised penises are generally more hygienic than uncircumcised penises, which can be a good choice for men to opt for circumcision.

Beliefs or cultural reasons
In some religions or cultures, male circumcision is part of the religion or culture. Think of Muslims or Jews.

Circumcision Clinic in Arnhem: How do we work?

In our circumcision clinics the doctors follow our specific procedure to perform a perfect operation. It basically consists of four parts.

Circumcision procedure

01. Pain relief

Our operations are only performed under anesthesia or (sleep) sedation. This way the operation will always be painless.

02. Sterility and hygiene

Sterility and hygiene are extremely important for the performance of the procedure. We work according to the strictest guidelines and every patient is operated on with new sterile instruments that are disposed of after use.

03. Circumcision

At Vatan Kliniek we use the classic method and the clamp method. Depending on the patient, we choose the best approach for the medical procedure.

04. Aftercare

In case of complications after surgery, patients can consult the doctor within 48 hours after surgery. After that, patients can contact the center number 7 days a week.

Circumcisions at Vatan Clinic

Did you know that the Vatan Kliniek can also be found in places like Arnhem, in addition to Arnhem Eindhoven, Zaandam and four locations Germany? This way there is always a clinic near you. In total there are eleven locations in the Netherlands and together we have already performed more than 40.000 circumcisions. We are therefore one of the largest circumcision clinics in the Netherlands.

Vatan Kliniek is known for its pleasant working method and operations without pain and fear. Our doctors also know how to reassure your child on this exciting day. We also offer the option of being present in the operating room as parents so that your child feels even more at ease.

Do you want to visit one of our clinics quickly? Then that's no problem. There are no waiting times. In addition, you can contact us from € 290, -. Do you have a medical indication? Then these costs are usually covered by the insurer.

Do you live in or near Arnhem? Then our clinic at Oremusplein 6 is the best location for you or your child. You can register via the button below.

VATAN specialized team

At VATAN Circumcision Clinic, doctors and medical specialists who specialize exclusively in circumcision work with extensive experience in performing circumcisions on boys and men.

drs. MS Genco

drs. LM Wolff van Ravenswade

drs. E. O. Akpinar