Circumcision in men and boys has traditionally occurred in different cultures, but circumcision is mainly known from the Jewish tradition of the Brit milah. Also in Western European culture, circumcision is often chosen for medical, aesthetic or sexual reasons.

Circumcision Vatan Clinic

A circumcision by specialized doctors

VATAN Circumcision Clinic has existed since 2005 and performs circumcisions in a medically responsible manner for boys and men.
To date, more than 40000 circumcisions have been performed by our team at 11 locations throughout the Netherlands and 4 locations in Germany.
VATAN circumcision clinic is the largest circumcision clinic in the Netherlands.

Circumcision is not just an act that can be done by anyone. Circumcision is a medical procedure that must be performed by professionals with the utmost care and expertise.

At VATAN Circumcision Clinic, doctors and medical specialists who specialize exclusively in circumcision work with extensive experience in performing circumcisions on boys and men. We work according to the strictest hygiene standards. Only single-use instruments are used. Each child has their own set that is thrown away after use. We use a high quality for circumcisions. Our doctors have extensive experience with circumcisions. All have performed more than 1000 circumcisions.

Medical reasons

Circumcision is the standard procedure for:

A narrowing of the foreskin, such that you can no longer slide the foreskin over the glans. Phimosis can be congenital or result from repeated infections of the foreskin. Sometimes the doctor can apply a foreskin plastic surgery, in which the foreskin is widened.

The foreskin has retracted and can no longer be pushed over the glans. Paraphimosis is usually caused by inflammation of the foreskin. Sometimes the doctor can apply a foreskin plastic surgery, in which the foreskin is widened.

Recurrent inflammations of the glans and foreskin.

aesthetic reasons

More beautiful to see
Some men, but also women, find a circumcised penis simply more beautiful. For men who opt for circumcision for this reason, hygiene and/or sexual reasons also often play a role.

A circumcised penis produces little or no smegma and is therefore much easier to keep clean.

Sexual experience
Although studies claim that a shorter foreskin has no effect on sexual experience, most men who experience it say that their glans has become significantly less sensitive. Which can
benefits in sex life.

Early seed discharges
Circumcision is no guarantee, but a less sensitive glans sometimes helps to solve this problem.

Prolonged sex
A less sensitive penis often allows sexual experience for a longer period of time.

Too long foreskin
A foreskin that is too long can be the reason that the glans is not stimulated enough during sexual intercourse.

The treatment

The circumcision is always performed under local anesthesia, but if you wish, it can also be performed under light sleep anesthesia or with nitrous oxide (additional cost). During the procedure, the foreskin is shortened a bit and the glans is partially or even completely exposed. A circumcision takes about half an hour. After one to two hours, the anesthesia wears off and the feeling in the penis returns.

Aftercare at home with a classic method
It is best to take a few days of rest after a circumcision.
The penis will be slightly swollen and show red/blue discoloration for a week.
Urinating can give a somewhat burning sensation in the first few days after the procedure. After urinating, we recommend changing the dressing during the first three days after the circumcision. Then you can bathe daily in lukewarm water, without soap.
We recommend wearing supportive underpants (not boxer shorts) and holding the penis up towards the navel to reduce swelling more quickly.
For any pain you can take paracetamol or apply an anesthetic ointment (eg Lidocaine) locally. After a few weeks, a protective layer develops on the glans and the unpleasant feeling disappears.
It is best to wait until three to four weeks after the treatment before swimming or exercising.
The sutures used for circumcision are dissolvable and fall out on their own after 7 to 14 days. Sex and masturbation are possible again after four to six weeks.

Aftercare at home with the clamp method
It is best to take a few days of rest after a circumcision.
The penis will be slightly swollen and show red/blue discoloration for a week.
No bandage or ointment is required.
Due to a closed wound, immediately after the procedure, the care is minimal.
It is recommended to rinse or take a bath at least twice a day.
After 1 week, the clamp will be removed by you or at the clinic, after instruction. This is a few seconds procedure.

Healing process

Please note that this may vary individually.
Not every skin type is the same, including wound healing.
Occasionally it may happen that the healing does not go fast enough and that this is disappointing.
It can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for the wound to dry out and remain wet.
In close consultation with our experts, you will then be informed and the wound will be treated further.
In case of possible receding of the wound edges, it is possible with both methods, the experience is that this always grows back together. In those cases too, please contact us and the healing process will be closely monitored and supervised.
Please bear in mind that the final result can take months or even 1 or 2 years to appear. A scar often needs to remodel (become thin and supple) for a long time, as is the case with any wound.