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You can contact Vatan Kliniek for painless and fearless circumcisions. At our circumcision clinic in Enschede, our doctors are available for circumcisions for medical, aesthetic, cultural and religious reasons. Here you can read more about the practice, our doctors, the costs and our procedure.

Location in Enschede

Did you already know that Vatan Kliniek has ten other clinics in addition to the clinic in Enschede? This makes us the greatest circumcision center from The Netherlands. These clinics are spread throughout the Netherlands, so we are always nearby for our patients. Other cities where we can be found include Amsterdam, Arnhem, Ede, Wageningen en Utrecht.

Besides the fact that we are the largest clinic in the Netherlands, our two core values ​​are always central: without pain – without fear. Thanks to our unique working method and our team of experienced and specialized doctors, we can live up to these core values.

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Circumcision: Why?

Why do some men and boys have to be circumcised? There are several reasons for this.

Medical reasons

Some men and boys get annoying medical complaints about their foreskin. Circumcising the penis can offer a solution for this. Medical reasons are therefore the most common reason for circumcision in the Netherlands.

Sexual reasons

If you suffer from premature ejaculation or a foreskin that is too long, cropping can offer a solution to a sexual problem.

aesthetic reasons

A small proportion of men opt for a circumcision for aesthetic reasons.


For men who attach great importance to hygiene, circumcision offers a hygienic solution. A circumcised penis is easier to keep clean than an uncircumcised penis.

Cultural reasons or beliefs

In some religions or cultures, male circumcision is part of certain rituals. Think of Muslims or Jews.

Circumcision clinic in Enschede: our procedure

In Enschede, our doctors are ready to perform a circumcision on you or your child. Our team of doctors follows a specific procedure for this.

Circumcision technique

01. Pain relief

Our operation is only performed under local anesthesia or (sleep) sedation. This operation will always be painless.

02. Sterility and hygiene

Sterility and hygiene are extremely important for the performance of the procedure. We work according to the strictest guidelines and every patient is operated on with new sterile instruments that are disposed of after use.

03. Circumcision

At Vatan Kliniek we use the classic method and the clamp method. Depending on the patient, we choose the best method for the medical procedure.

03. Circumcision

If complications arise after surgery, patients can see a doctor within 48 hours of surgery. After that, patients can contact the central number 7 days a week.

Circumcisions at Vatan Clinic

Our doctors have extensive experience in performing more than 40.000 circumcisions at Vatan Kliniek. The procedure is quick and painless and we always reassure patients as much as possible through a good explanation and correct procedure. Children also feel at ease with us.

There are no queues when you register yourself or your child at our clinic and a circumcision can be performed from as little as 290 euros. This will be reimbursed by your insurance if there is a medical reason for the procedure.

When you live in or near Enschede, our practice is closed Cromhoffs Bleachweg 128 in Enschede the perfect location for you or your child. Register Feel free to register using the button below. You can also contact us for further questions.

VATAN specialized team

At VATAN Circumcision Clinic, doctors and medical specialists who specialize exclusively in circumcision work with extensive experience in performing circumcisions on boys and men.

drs. MS Genco

drs. S. Karadavut

drs. E. O. Akpinar