Circumcision Clinic Eindhoven

At the Vatan Kliniek in Eindhoven, we help you or your son perform a circumcision. This for medical reasons as well as religious, aesthetic and cultural reasons. On this page you can learn more about our circumcision clinic in Rotterdam and our team of doctors. You will also find more information about our working method and the costs here.

Vatan clinic: painless circumcisions - without fear

At Vatan Kliniek we offer our patients pain and fear free circumcisions. This is due to our working method and the knowledge, expertise and experience of the medical professionals who work at our Rotterdam location, but also at our other locations throughout the Netherlands. With eleven locations, we are the largest circumcision clinic in the country, located in several cities including Enschede, Arnhem, Utrecht en Amsterdam.

Reasons for circumcision

There are several reasons to perform circumcision on men or boys.

Medical reasons
There are legitimate medical reasons for circumcision; some boys and men have complications with their foreskin. These problems can be solved by a circumcision. Read more about medical reasons for circumcision.

aesthetic reasons
A circumcised penis is considered more beautiful by some men (and also women). For this reason, men can choose to get circumcised.

Beliefs or cultural reasons
In some religions or cultures, male circumcision is part of the religion or culture. Think of Muslims or Jews.

Hygiene plays a role in male circumcision. For example, circumcised penises are generally more hygienic than uncircumcised penises, which can be a good choice for men to opt for circumcision.

Sexual reasons
Circumcision can solve a problem with premature ejaculation or excessive foreskin in men. When premature ejaculation or an excessive foreskin causes problems during sex, circumcision can offer a solution.

Circumcision clinic in Eindhoven: How do we work?

Our clinic in Eindhoven consists of a team of specialized doctors who are all trained in the Netherlands. In addition to the good training, our doctors have a lot of experience in performing circumcisions on both boys and men. Below you will find our procedure.

Circumcision Vatan Clinic

Circumcision procedure

01. Pain relief

(Sleep) sedation or a local anesthetic are used to make the operation painless.

02. Sterility and hygiene

Sterility and hygiene are extremely important for the operation to run smoothly. We therefore adhere to the strictest guidelines and use all our sterile instruments only once.

03. Circumcision

Both the classic method of circumcision and the clamp method are used in our practices. We will have to look at which method is most suitable for each patient.

04. Aftercare

Of course we offer the right aftercare during the operation. For example, the doctor can be contacted within 48 hours after the operation and we can then be reached 7 days a week via our central number.

Circumcision performed at Vatan Kliniek

Did you know that the Vatan Kliniek has no less than 11 locations, spread throughout the Netherlands? This way we are always nearby. In addition to Eindhoven, we can also be found in Venlo, Zaandam, The Hague en Rotterdam. Our certified doctors have now performed more than 40.000 circumcisions at our locations. With our locations and the number of circumcisions performed, we can count ourselves among the largest circumcision clinic in the Netherlands.

In addition to being one of the largest clinics in the Netherlands, our team of doctors has a very pleasant working method. As a result, we know how to put our patients at ease so that the operation can be performed without fear. Both in the child and the adult man. As a parent, you can also be present with your child during the operation.

There are no queues at our clinics and you can go from €290. Do you have a medical indication? Then these costs are usually covered by the insurer.

If you live in or near Eindhoven, our clinic is closed Bishop Bekkerslaan 4a the best location for you or your child. Sign up using the button below.

VATAN specialized team

At VATAN Circumcision Clinic, doctors and medical specialists who specialize exclusively in circumcision work with extensive experience in performing circumcisions on boys and men.

drs. MS Genco

drs. LM Wolff van Ravenswade

drs. E. O. Akpinar